The 2015 AIIC Assembly approved an amendment to the association's regulation on admissions and language classification. According to the new provisions, applications are to take into account specific language pairs, with each pair defined as “a discrete unit composed of one source and one target language." The target language is to be qualified as either A or B, and any language not listed as a target language will automatically be classified as C.

The resulting level of detail should serve to make the particulars of a member's language combination as it appears in the AIIC Directory clearer to conference organizers and other users while maintaining the traditional A-B-C categories (see below). The new regulation will also apply to member requests to add a language or reclassify one already listed in their combination. For further information please refer to Article 11 of the Regulation governing admissions and language classification.

* A The interpreter's native language (or another language strictly equivalent to a native language), into which the interpreter works from all her or his other languages in both modes of interpretation, simultaneous and consecutive.

* B A language other than the interpreter's native language, of which she or he has a perfect command and into which she or he works from one or more of her or his other languages.

* C A passive language of which the interpreter has a complete understanding and from which she or he works.



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