Web-site is a representation of a company, its official face in the web space, and sometimes an interactive trading platform. That`s exactly why many of web-site owners always eager to present their resources in English or any other foreign language. If you`re interested to move your company forward, to be inside the international market, to reveal your company as a successful player, then, for sure, you should have your own unique and operational web-site, which would be easy understandable for many foreigners. Nowadays, at the time of globalisation English takes the first place, and that`s why to translate your web-site into English would be the most profitable. Ukrainian, Bulgarian and French languages are offered for your site as well. Your web-site alternative language version - that is very attractive point for all clients, moreover that is a token of respect, which definitely will be appreciated in full.


Translation and optimization - this is a complex of actions, aimed to create a full version of web-site translated. So, that is not just a web-resource translation, but translation of all the graphics, animated banners and other visual elements. Localization let us to adopt the web-site for certain foreign viewers, let us to make your web-site quite understandable. Well, that`s exactly what I am doing - offering the translation and localization (support with graphics adaptation: flash-banners, buttons, customization of menu elements). Localization and optimization will be provided in cooperation with PROMOACCENT specialists. By the way, there is a useful option for you - translated texts optimization for certain search requests, that will definitely make the indexation among foreign web search engines much easier. Search indexing is important because it collects, parses, and stores data to facilitate fast and accurate information retrieval.

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