The foreign language lessons is very useful investment into your future. It doesn`t matter what stirred you into study languages, - the major point is that your efforts will bring you good dividends in future. When you studying language, you should keep in mind one important thing - your own attitude to the subject and teacher. Many people don`t perceive the subject itself just because of antipathy to a teacher only, hence choosing a tutor, please, remember not only about his/her experience and qualification, but consider your own sympathy too. If you choose a private tutoring, please be aware - the comfortable and pleasant interior is important as well. All accounted things are quite important for studying any course unit, although a foreign language is a special subject, where audio perception sometimes important even more, than a material itself. Well, finally give your attention to the teacher`s accent and his/her manner of speaking.

I do offer private English and Russian language lessons with gradation of usage: business lexis, language in a travel, everyday`s English and lessons with specific lexis (human medicine, biochemistry, ecology, politics, finance). The preparation for TOEFL and IELTS exams is also available. For scholars I`m glad to offer help with school materials and/or improving English speaker skills, oriented on a child`s interests and abilities. I always trying to find a unique attitude to each person by awaking a strong desire to study language trough child`s interests and passions. Foreign language needs to be operational every day, otherwise the skills slowly disappears. The crucial task of teacher is not just to teach, but to inspire love of subject and give a student skills for future self-education.

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