Literary translation is a special kind of translation, where not just a translation needed, but the grain of your own reader perception and even contribution is requested. Primarily, the translator always perceive the literary text as a material with specific stylistic features, which came to us from particular age and culture, as a text, created by the author for defined group of interested people. It`s obviously, the ordinary reader and professional interpreter see a book quite differently. First and foremost, the interpreter outlines a composition rhythm, textuality, epithets, stylistic and grammar. Well, the artistic merit of a literary passage reveal itself that way, as well as a diversity and depth of artistical devices. Exactly these tiny aspects allow interpreters to transfer various visions into reader`s mind, to touch his imagination and arouse emotions.


Songs translation is a particular subdivision of literary translation. That kind of work demands a complex vision from inspired translators. Songs are the rhymes enveloped in music, and like any others rhymes, songs have their own mood and sense, which reveals itself very bright with musical background. Making a song translation, the translator should be sensitive to the music and rhythm accents, feel and understand the text. Contemporary songs are quite vary and we can see a lot of music & speech styles, which should be translated correct in terms of authentic grammar and lexis. Apparently, in the poetry of a folklore kind we can meet a nonstandard rime, archaisms and old-fashioned rhetorical moves, which differ in meanings from its modern equivalents. All these figures of speech demand to be translated with sophisticated precise and humor sometimes, because the same words can be colored in different ways. Well, translation of songs, indisputable is a real challenge for talented interpreter.

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