Translation of your private documents is a quite easy process. Generally, I do translate different papers concerning the touristic/working visa application: passports, diplomas, certificates, agreements, letters of attorney and others. I do translate a resume (job application) or CV (curriculum vitae) as well. Providing the service, I can guarantee my clients a high speed of work, professionalism and responsibility. Urgency, grammar, accuracy, attentiveness to details, terminology and compliance with rules, - all those features are usually essential for private documents translation. Translator should be ready to become a responsible for details, - one wrong letter or just a symbol could negatively influence on the whole document, and as a consequence, it could affect the result. That`s why I provide this kind of translation with caution and responsibility.


The successful launch and your business profitability are always depends on the advertisement efficiency. Well-prepaid advertising campaign can be just useless among the foreign language speakers. Advertisement, aimed to get a response inside a foreign community, going to be a successful tool just if you`ve accounted all the cultural features of a target language. Advertisement translation is a quite hard task, where communication and creativity should become the one. I do offer a creation of the brand-new advertising texts or already composed texts translation: catalogs, brochures, souvenir production, posters and others. Besides, I do offer the adaptation of a particular advertisement in terms of current political situation. I take into account all the client`s wishes, offering the various types of work with simple texts and slogans.

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