When the business talks or business conference with foreigners is going to be held, the consecutive oral translation is requested then. Usually, no special equipment needed, thus interpreter will be able to fill out the conversational pauses, emerging during a talks. Consequently, communication will be comfortable with no linguistic barriers. Well, specific job preparation and high qualification of interpreter is a guarantee of successful business event, hence I highly recommend my clients don`t cut the expenditures about this kind of service. Always try to check the interpreter`s qualification and don`t trust small agencies, where any specialization could be provided. The business meeting in terms of specific terminology, in 90 % of cases demands from interpreter very good understanding of the subject.

I do provide the service of oral consecutive interpretation with specialization in politics, financial sector, human medicine, veterinary science, ecology and other life sciences. Interpretation of another kind of lexis can be negotiated as well. I do offer an oral translation in pairs of languages: English/Russian, Ukrainian/Russian, English/Ukrainian. An order about oral translation should be appointed in advance, and I could request some additional materials, going to be discussed within your business event. The client should be positive about my service, thus I prepare very carefully and avouch for my work. Well, in terms of conference, a special equipment could be requested for proper translation of speaker`s words.

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