Compared to the ordinary lexis, journalistic texts have a power of direct intention inside, i. e. such texts allot a task to attract the people`s attention by psychology and lexical tricks. Publicistic materials can carry the quite provocative and scandal moods within, that`s why the publicistic texts translation is always an examination for translator`s sense of humor and his neutral view about subject. The interpreter should has a spacious mind, comprehensive knowledge and information urgent-search skills. Notably, the journalistic text translation in politics, demands from interpreter to be very well informed about the topic. Well, translation without interpreter`s personal interest going to be very scanty with no feed back towards the source.


Business translation - is one of the hardest kinds of translation. Usually, for accurate and expert translation, interpreter should be familiar with the specific of a firm`s business activity or manufacturer sphere. My style of work is the ambition for ideal shape and precise content, that`s why quite often I could refuse to execute an order request, just because the text subject or field is not comply with my line of work. Having a wide experience of work with documentation concerning high tech, medicine, ecology, biochemistry, politics and PR, I`ve realized that business papers, in particular, demands a sophisticated censure and presentable filling out. Business letter, scientific report or just a contract, - all these documents are equal matters for business operations, and doubtless, my clients commercial success depends on how precise and grammatically correct the documents will be translated and edited. That`s why I do all my best for you and your business.

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