индивидуальный подход для вас и вашего бизнеса

I am truly glad to welcome you on my web-site and, hereby, I`m going to explain my mission - what I`m doing here and for whom.

If you ever had a conversational experience with translators or translation services, you must be know, - majority of such services do they work as usual: you offered to come in office, sign a contract and finally get a service, which is very often not comply with your requirements. Constantly the clients send me the papers, translated in all kinds of bureaus, where the egregious mistakes can be found, and this matter very unpleasant for a client just because you`ve payed for that service. But the translation bureaus can be understood as well, - they forced to translate a lot of papers of a different kind and the allroundman himself not always quite familiar with terminology needed. This is a crucial reason - why I am not deal with texts of technical, physical, mathematic and jurisprudential subject. The answer is simple - I am not familiar with such terminology. But all the same, my line of work is quite various: veterinary medicine, human medicine, life sciences, economics, politics, PR and educational sector. At the same time I do my translation work for all people and companies, willing to present their online-resources as a multi-linguistic resources. I do provide the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Bulgarian.

We live in 21th century, and service itself has made a big step towards flexibility. This means that now you have the right to request a service anytime in any place you are, to use any means of communication, pay for a service by any kind of payment, which is convenient for you. You have the right to not think about bureaucratic things like dinner-hour or working hours indeed. Now, I do provide a brand-new flexible service, which is available 24 hours 7 days a week. I am glad to receive the work orders via means of communication, convenient exactly for you. Orders via Skype, E-mail, Watsapp and phone are welcome very much.

With great respect to you.
Igor Bergmann.
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