Профессиональный переводчик, фотограф и свободный путешественник.


09.2008-07.2013 Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Science and Biotechnology named after K. I. Skryabin (MSc "Biochemistry"), diploma with honour.

09.2011-07.2013 Lomonosov Moscow State University, - professional retraining course "Business communications interpreter".

09.2013-07.2015 Moscow State Linguistic University, - professional retraining course "Simultaneous interpretation. Basic skills".


Specialization - is an exactly that area of knowledge, where the interpreter see himself sophisticated enough and fell free. The specialist area can be dictated by university trainers, can be lost and can be acquired by experienced work. My basic specialist areas are: veterinary science, biochemistry, human medicine and other associated life sciences such as ecology and botanics. There are an acquired subjects as well, those are particular spheres mostly interested for me or special knowledge, which has been mastered due to the great numerous of requests, and such kinds of specialization are: PR, journalism, politics, economics, international relations, European sciences. Each sphere of knowledge has its own defined conceptual construct. Quite large range of interests always helps me to be a successful specialist within my activity.



Each particular person perceive the reality on a basis of his/her own interests. Well, me is not an exception. Despite my education in the area of linguistics and life sciences, I can say honestly that I am a creative person, - photography and poetry are my truly passions. Creative approach helps me a lot within my profession activity: translation services and private tutoring. Besides, I do create and manage very unusual trips for small groups of travelers, where I take part directly as a guide and interpreter. Well, several other subjects take a special place among my interests: politics, European international relations, banking sector, political geography and climatology.


" Writers make national literature,
while translators make
universal literature. "

Jose Saramago

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